About WomensWork100 at IWM

Uncover new stories of women who joined the workforce in diverse roles during the First World War, and explore the Women’s Work Collection at IWM

Since 2014, events and activities around the globe have connected people with the impact of 1914-1918. The role of women is a story that is yet to be fully told. In 2018 the First World War Centenary Partnership (FWWCP), led by IWM, is presenting WomensWork100, a programme of events, exhibitions and activities that will explore the working lives of women during the First World War.

A woman tends a grave on the Western Front

Coinciding with the centenary of the Representation of the People Act on 6 February 2018, WomensWork100 will explore the breadth of women’s roles – from factories and hospitals to homes and churches, representing their political activism, front-line service and home front experiences, against the backdrop of the suffrage movement and greater prominence of women in public life.

Activities will be taking place across the country and will commence on 6 February 2018. These activities will include a series of engaging partnership and public events, film screenings, and creative responses, as well as exclusive resources for members and a vibrant public-facing digital programme in collaboration with Lives of the First World War and the War Memorials Project.

The creation of the Women’s Work Collection is closely linked with the establishment of IWM itself in 1917. Almost immediately after IWM’s creation, plans were put in place to ensure that the role of women would be recognised and recorded. Against the backdrop of a political campaign for female suffrage, IWM formed a committee tasked with collecting material that recorded women working in new roles.

In 2018, IWM will also be sharing stories from its Women’s Work Collection, which spans art, correspondence and reports, uniforms, models and memorabilia of every variety.