The Hull Trench and Officers Dugout
Hull People's Memorial

The Hull Trench is quite unique in that it offers visitors the chance to sample a section of the Great War front line, complete with sounds and smells, but without the mud!


Admission is free but all donations towards the Hull People's Memorial Fund will be very welcome.


The Hull Trench and Officers dugout represents a section of the front line, not too far from the fallen Madonna of Albert. Complete with a Great War Lewis machine gun, trench periscope, sniper port and assorted trench debris and artefacts, visitors will need to make sure they keep their heads down as there is no telling who may be watching across no-man's land. Unlike many sections of the front, there is a complete ban on smoking due to the number of explosives and rockets amassed in this area.

The Officers Dugout is stuffed full of genuine period artefacts to grab your attention and even includes a number of personal items such as books, sent to the front by a loving mother as a Christmas present in December 1914. If only they could talk...