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Northlight Heritage

Creature Comrades: Animals in WW1

Type:   Event / Living history or re-enactment / Lecture, talk or reading / Exhibition (permanent)

Location:   Northlight Heritage, Studio 406, South Block Osborne Street, Glasgow, Scotland, G1 5QH.

Date:   26 August 2017 - 27 August 2017


Day One of out two day event exploring the lives of animals in WW1.

From ponies to pigeons, animals played a critical role in a world where mechanised transport often traveled under 10mph. Animals also played a crucial role in communication and as beasts of burden. Join us in August 2017 to learn more about the diversity of roles that animals played during the conflict.

With hands-on activities, lectures, talks, artefact handling and animals on site, join us at the trenches to learn new things about animals in WW1.

For more information on the project please visit our website: www.diggingin.co.uk

Suitable for Any age


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