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Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery

Museum On Tour: Plymouth From Destruction to Construction

Type:   Event / Exhibition (temporary)

Location:   Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery, Drake Circus, Plymouth, Devon, England, PL4 8AJ.

Date:   06 May 2017 - 21 December 2017


Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm
Closed Sundays and Bank Holidays
Closed Monday 8 May and Friday 19 May due to civic functions

Plymouth suffered greatly during World War II. The docks and naval base made it a major target resulting in the almost total destruction of the city centre and the displacement of tens of thousands of Plymothians.

Amongst this charred and ruined city, a radical new plan was developed to enable its complete redesign and reconstruction. MPs, Councillors and planners sought out the finest architects, designers and artists to create a new city – a modern city – worthy of replacing what had been lost.

The city we see today epitomises the ambition and vision of this post-war planning.

This exhibition includes fascinating objects, images and footage from the collections of Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery, the Plymouth and West Devon Record Office and the South West Film and Television Archive that explore the themes of destruction and reconstruction.

Visitors of all ages can experience the inside of an Anderson Shelter, dress up in a range of replica clothing and marvel at the stunning 1950s interior of the Council House itself.

Suitable for Any age


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