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Royal Air Force Museum, London

From Habit to Dependency: Hendon and Military Aviation in the First World War

Type:   Event / Lecture, talk or reading

Location:   Royal Air Force Museum, London, Grahame Park Way Colindale, London, Greater London, England, NW9 5LL.

Date:   18 August 2017


Hendon has a long association with aviation. As early as the 1910s experimental flights were undertaken across its green fields, and air races fired the public’s imagination. Claude Grahame-White was amongst a group of pioneer aviators who established the London Aerodrome. Pilot training was offered to male and female enthusiasts. Air displays drew huge crowds and became a fixture of the social calendar rivalling Ascot and Henley. Hundreds of thousands of people developed the ‘Hendon Habit’ of attending the flying season and the pilots taking part became celebrities in their right. With the coming of the First World War Hendon became a hub of training for the military air services and the testing of aircraft for the front line. It was at the heart of a massive aircraft manufacturing industry which developed in in the local area. Over 55,000 aircraft were produced in the UK during the First World War with 8,000 of them being made in North West London. This talk charts Hendon’s involvement with military aviation; from a display venue demonstrating the potential use of aircraft in warfare to a focal point for pilot training, manufacturing and testing. It highlights the development of the site, its activities and the people involved.

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