Side By Side: America and World War 1
American Museum in Britain

Exhibition and events reflecting America's journey from neutrality, through to their declaration of war against Germany, military engagement, armistice, and post-war.


In 2018, the centenary of America's first major military action during the First World War, we will commemorate America's reaction to involvement in the war and how that affected the progress and outcome of the war. America's relationship with both the Allied (particularly Britain) and Central Powers before, during and after the war will be addressed.
Despite now being dismissed by some as late to turn up and adopting the conquering hero persona, at the time America joining the war was eagerly anticipated; King George V wrote that 'the Allies will gain new heart and spirit in your company'. A fully immersive exhibition that will look at the subtleties of how America joining the war helped to end the stalemate and bring about the end of the war, challenging he preconceptions of bot British and American audiences.