100 Days Offensive Touring Exhibition
The Military Intelligence Museum

The Corps Museums Network has created a touring exhibition that will visit 5 of the museums within the network and will detail what those Corps did during the 100 Days Offensive.


The 100 Days Offensive touring exhibition will travel around 5 different museums and will show how each of those Corps played a vital role during the offensive that subsequently ended the First World War. The exhibition covers the roles of the Intelligence Corps, the Medical Corps, the Royal Signals, the Royal Engineers, and the Royal Army Physical Training Corps.

The exhibition is a Heritage Lottery Funded project that has been created by Hazel Sadler to commemorate the centenary of the First World War. The exhibition will start at the Military Intelligence Museum on the 21st August, then to the Royal Engineers Museum, the Museum of Military Medicine, the Royal Army Physical Training Corps, and then finally to the Royal Signals Museum, where the exhibition will finish on the 30th November.