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Journey's End - The Play

Type:   Event / Play / Performance

Location:   Kruitmagazijn, Esplanade, Ypres, 8900.

Date:   04 November 2017

Sherriff's ground-breaking play is the only drama about WW1 written by someone who fought in the war. When it was first staged in London in 1928 (with Laurence Olivier in the lead) a critic said "it is not so much a play as a memorial to the dead." It went 'viral'in the 1930s with over 30 productions worldwide in 18 different languages, including a German film version which was banned by the Nazis.

Set in a dugout over four days leading up to a massive attack, it charts the tension, claustrophobia and cold terror experienced by a company of British officers as new recruit, Lieutenant Raleigh, discovers Captain Stanhope, his childhood friend and hero, has changed almost beyond recognition.

Sherriff said of his characters: "I did not need to create them: they just walked out fully formed on to the page."

A not-to-be-missed event in the Remembrance calendar.

Suitable for 14-15, 16-17, 18+

Admission Tickets: €15

Registration Registration required

Concessions Concessions available


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