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The Infirmary Museum

Worlds War 1 Armistice Day Talks

Type:   Event / Lecture, talk or reading

Location:   The Hive, The Butts, Worcester, Worcestershire, England, WR1 3PD.

Date:   11 November 2017


Worcestershire played its role during the First World War. At The Hive this Armistice Day, 11th November 2017, you will hear about three medical areas that impacted the county. Suitable for all ages and interests, the speakers are experts in their topic and will engage you with their enthusiasm for the content.

Dr Emily Mayhew- "Stretcher bearer, stretcher bearer" was a common cry on the battlefields and is brought to attention in Mayhew's book, "Wounded". Mayhew will trace their training, experience and involvement in the War.

Dr Rebecca Wynter- Investigates the first female resident medical officer at Worcester Infirmary. Dr Martha Stewart was appointed in 1915 and it proved a stepping stone to a career which crossed cities, war zones and continents.

Dr Alice Brumby- Conflict is recognised as delivering advances to medicine. From early use of anaesthetics in the Crimean War to plastic surgery developments in the 1920s, Brumby has researched how these may have impacted medical developments in Worcestershire as a result of the First World War.

Suitable for 14-15, 18+, 16-17


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