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Malvern Museum

Malvern Museum of Local History - First World War Centenary events and exhibitions

Type:   Event / Exhibition (temporary)

Location:   Malvern Museum, The Abbey Gateway Abbey Road, Great Malvern, Worcestershire, England, WR14 3ES.

Date:   25 March 2014 - 31 October 2018

Malvern Museum has begun its programme of exhibitions and activities to commemorate the momentous years of the Great War as it affected the inhabitants of the Malvern area.

Visitors receive a replica 1915 National Registration card, which gives brief details of one of 20 individuals who lived in Malvern at the outbreak of war. Visitors will discover what happened to them in a fuller description found in the last display room where other Great War events can be seen.

New exhibitions will appear in July which will remember the bravery of the Belgian refugees who poured into Malvern from September 1914 onwards, and give visitors a glimpse into the excitement and confusion caused by the outbreak of war. Children will be able to dress up as Tommies and nurses.

The first of five books exploring the impact of the Great War on the ordinary lives of Malvern inhabitants will be available to buy from August 2014. Tickets: Adults £2; 7-18 50p; under 7 free

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