1914-1918 Service Challenge
Legion of fRontiersmen in the United States

Disaster service challenge for our members.


Members of the Legion of Frontiersmen volunteered in large numbers to serve in World War I. Frontiersmen from East Salford and Manchester Troops went into action in Belgium with the Belgian 3rd Lancers starting on 2 August 1914.

The 25th Service Battalion Royal Fusiliers (Frontiersmen) fought in the East African campaigns of 1915-1917, and Frontiersmen manned the 210th (Frontiersmen) Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force.

Our service challenge to our members in the United States is to perform 100 hours of disaster response work in our Virtual Emergency Operations Center to support other voluntary agency response in each year 2014-2018. Although our disaster management mission is far different from the combat conditions of World War I, we share and honor the same traditions of purposeful service, self-sacrifice, and dedication to the common good in our modern role.