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University of Chester Riverside Museum

The First World War: Returning Home

Type:   Event / Exhibition (temporary)

Location:   University of Chester Riverside Museum, Riverside Campus Castle Drive, Chester, Cheshire, England, CH1 1SL.

Date:   23 September 2014 - 31 October 2018


Using local examples wherever possible, the exhibition covers aspects such as medical advances, the psychological effects of war, volunteering and volunteer nurses, a doctor’s country practice, home life, food and recipes, rural life and social welfare. The Historical Society volunteers, together with contributors from a range of local institutions, have created the initial displays and it is hoped that they will evolve over the four-year commemoration of the conflict.

‘Returning Home’ complements the existing collection of curiosities from the world of medicine, nursing, midwifery and social work in the Riverside Museum which is open to the public on the first Wednesday of the month between 1pm and 4pm. Visitors with an interest in health and social care or local history are always welcome to come along and find out more from the volunteers, many of whom have a healthcare background.

Suitable for 18+, 11-13, 14-15, 16-17

Admission The FHSC Riverside Museum is open on the first Wednesday in the month between 1pm and 4pm, on the third Saturday in the month between 1pm and 4pm from Easter 2015 and for groups of six or more by arrangement. Visit www.chester.ac.uk/hsc/historical-society for full details of opening times and contacts, plus a range of talks.

Registration Registration required

Concessions N/A


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