Exhibition of the War: Europe and Sweden
Museum of Kivik

The exhibition shows what part Sweden played in the war, as a neutral state with both friends and foes, official and unofficial.


40 SEK / 5 Euro


The exhibition talks about the War in Europe and in the world. The exhibition is meant to show the total impact the War had on our modern history and society.
Sweden was officially a neutral state during the War. Still the nation played an important role in the War, with both friends and foes, official and unofficial. Two Swedish governments were forced to leave office during the War due to international pressure - reflecting the role the so called "neutral" country had played in the first place.

The exhibition also talks about this Swedish role in the War, how more than 800 Swedish sailors lost their lives at sea, how the Swedish Navy engaged in maritime wartime action in the Baltic Sea, how Sweden was at the brink of a civil war due to wartime politics, and much more.

Each year the exhibition is renewed by focusing on what happened that actual year, a hundred years ago.

The exhibition is built up by texts, photos, movies and news articles and is in Swedish.
The Museum of Kivik is the oldest museum in the region, dating back to the 1890:s. The First World War exhibition is a part of the whole Museum of Kivik that shows the local, fascinating history of human acquisitions and works.