24 Hours of Peace – WW1 Archive Appeal

2 November 2018 | Chloe Bowerbank

Twenty-four Hours of Peace is an ambitious new artwork by Neil Bartlett taking place on Sunday 10th November – Monday 11th November 2019, performed live at Royal Exchange Theatre Manchester and broadcast nationally on Resonance FM.
Produced by Thomas Carter Projects.
48 performers; 24 hours; 200,000 words

2019 is the 100th anniversary of the 1st ever Armistice Day – what does peace mean today?

24 HoP will be a live twenty-four-broadcast of an extraordinary, one-off performance, mixing new-form drama with the ancient form of a public vigil. It will be created from 100 interviews with 100 extraordinary peacemakers. In addition we are looking for WW1 archive material from key moments in peace building in the past.

We are looking for actual words, prefiguring our contemporary interview voices talking about peace and peace-building. We need direct records of what people said and what people did. Letters, interviews, speeches quoted or described, memoirs or memories….. Best of all will be first person- accounts; next best will be vivid reportage. We are not looking for newspaper coverage; that’s being done elsewhere.

We would like to hear about any audio or paper archive material (manuscript/diaries/letters or printed memoir) in relation to the following dates;
1) Peace Day July 1919 – people’s experience of/reaction to the signing of the Versailles Treaty and the Peace Day Parade on July 19 .
2) Remembrance Day 11 November 1919 – not Armistice Day 1918.
3) Remembrance Day 11 November 1945
These can relate to people/events on those dates anywhere in the UK, but any Greater Manchester-related material would of course be solid gold !!
4) Any first-person accounts by members of modern “peacekeeping” forces as opposed to those in combat service – eg in Iraq, Afghanistan or Bosnian conflicts.

Photocopies or transcribed material would be great, with a note about where the material is held an who owns it; failing that a few lines describing the material and a note on how/where to find it.

If you have any archive material that fits the above or information on how to find it please contact: thomas@thomascarterprojects.com