600,000 Canadian life stories added to Lives of the First World War

2 July 2014 | Kate Clements

Imperial War Museums (IWM) and Library and Archives Canada (LAC) announced today that the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) databases and attestation papers will now be available through Lives of the First World War, following Canada Day, 1 July.

Lives of the First World War, delivered in partnership with DC Thomson Family History, launched in May this year with the records of those who served with the British Army overseas – over 4.5 million men and 40,000 women.

Now, the database and attestation papers of the 600,000 Canadian men and women who enlisted and played a crucial role in the war have been added to the site.

IWM now needs your help to piece together the life stories added, to remember each and every person and share their stories online.

Among those whose stories will feature online from the newly added CEF databases and attestation papers are two nurses, Sister Minnie Folette and Sister Alexina Dussault.

Both lost their lives when the hospital ship HMHS Llandovery Castle was torpedoed on 27 June 1918 after returning wounded soldiers to Canada.

Since the launch of Lives of the First World War in May this year, over 25,000 life stories have been remembered online and 18,181 images have been uploaded to the site. IWM needs the public to continue to piece together these life stories and many more on the site, remember those who contributed and save that information to be shared with future generations.

Lives of the First World War will continue to evolve during the First World War Centenary years. Over the coming months, millions of additional new records and new functionality will be added, so that people can easily share and discuss who they are remembering online.

Visit Lives of the First World War and start remembering those who served.