Cicatrix: The Scar of a Healed Wound

6 September 2018 | Bethany Reynard

Cicatrix, meaning: the scar of a healed wound, is a centenary project which reflects the story of Wiltshire during the First World War.

The exhibition focuses on contemporary art, incorporating installation, drawing and films, by Prudence Maltby, Susan Francis and Henny Burnett. They are joined by Commonwealth artists Caro Williams (New Zealand), Catherine Farish (Canada) and Sophie Cape (Australia) for this ground breaking and collaborative exhibition.

This international multimedia touring exhibition examines the concept of scarring: the physical marks left behind, scars on the Wiltshire landscape, and other scars, obscured but clearly evident as memories mapped within those who’ve experienced conflict.

Cicatrix is a member of the First World War Centenary Partnership, led by Imperial War Museums, and forms a network of regional, national and international cultural and educational organisations.

Swindon Museum and Art Gallery is the only venue where this exhibition will be displayed in its entirety. Find out more here.