Conscription and recruitment during the First World War – conference at Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, 25 August 2017

18 August 2017 | Pamela Linden

Conscription and recruitment during the First World War

PRONI is pleased to invite you to a half day conference exploring the background to conscription in both Ireland and Britain during the First World War on 25 August 2017 at 2.00 pm until 4.00 pm.

This conference will examine how conscription was implemented in the UK, resisted in Ireland, and how recruitment continued throughout 1918.


Dr Timothy Bowman from the Univeristy of Kent – The Conscription crisis Ireland and revival of voluntary recruiting, March to November 1918

Bruno Longmore from the National Records of Scotland – Military Service Appeal Tribunal records for Edinburgh and the Lothians

Dr Mario Draper from the University of Kent – Conscription in Europe, c. 1870-1918

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Admission is FREE, please register to book via Eventbrite

The Heritage Cafe at PRONI will be open from 9.30 am to 3.00 pm

For more information visit the PRONI website