Over 64,000 Royal Marine Life Stories added to Lives of the First World War

23 January 2015 | Kate Clements

The records of over 64,000 Royal Marines have been added to Lives of the First World War.

This new batch of information will allow Lives of the First World War users to find out about the life stories of Royal Marines who were on active service between 1899 and 1919.

Members of the Royal Marines served on the Western Front and also took part in the Gallipoli landings in 1915.

Among those whose records can now be fully explored is Bert James Fielder.

Bert Fielder was born in Sheerness, Kent, and joined the Royal Marine Light Infantry in 1897. Before the First World War, he was awarded the 1900 China Medal and medal for Long Service and Good Conduct.

In 1909, he married Ellen Woodward and transferred to the Portsmouth section of the Royal Marine Light Infantry. Bert took part in actions in Dunkirk and the Defence of Antwerp in October 1914, and the following year served in Gallipoli.

Whilst he was serving overseas, Bert wrote letters to his wife, which are now part of IWM Collections (Documents.12191). Bert was wounded in May 1915, suffering a gunshot wound in his right shoulder.

In 1916, he served with the British Expeditionary Force on the Western Front and was again wounded. Bert died of his injuries in October 1916, and is buried in Varennes Military Cemetery in the Somme area of France.

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