Project Brüder seeks young musicians with a WW1 story to tell

9 June 2017 | Pamela Linden

Project Brüder is looking for young musicians from different countries with a family story related to the First World War.

Hendrik Jan contacted the First World War Centenary Partnership to ask if we can share news of his not-for-profit project, ‘Brüder’. Hendrik’s goal is to make a documentary film in which about five musicians tell their story, using their compositions as soundtrack. The film aims to show that, although we may come from different countries and/or cultures, we are connected through the sacrifice our forefathers made. The film will be released in November 2018, 100 years after the ‘Great War’ ended.

If If you have a story you are willing to share (on camera), and would like to make a song of a contemporary WW1 poem in your own language please contact Hendrik at, providing your CV and your WW1 story (in general terms).

More information visit the Project Brüder website or watch the project trailer.