Rampton Village: WWI Armistice Centenary Commemoration Events

6 November 2018 | Chloe Bowerbank

Along with villages and towns across the country Rampton made its own contribution to, and its own sacrifice for, that conflict – more than 30 men served in some capacity and of these 11 were killed – this from an eligible population of fewer than 60.

The Village Hall Management Committee are hosting a series of events over the weekend of 10th and 11th November as well as organising a village-wide art installation from 4th November. Full size soldier silhouettes of each of the fallen will be installed outside each of the addresses where they lived before heading to the War.


In the year following the end of the War on November 11th 1918, the serving men from Rampton gradually returned home, although a third of those who left the village did not return. On 4th February 1920 the village held a reception – a Homecoming – for the returned soldiers with entertainment and “an excellent tea”. Many of the returned soldiers attended. By calling our event this Centenary year “The Homecoming” the intent is to both mark the passing of those men who did not come home and the return of those who did, and to reflect on their stories.

Join us for the Homecoming at the Village Hall, and other events around the village over the weekend. Free entry to all events – all welcome.


3-4 November – village-wide artwork commemorating the men from Rampton who did not return from the war. Life-size soldier silhouettes will be installed for each of the Rampton fallen outside their former homes.  We are immensely grateful to FINK Developments, Leeway Building Services, Greg Blunt, Nick Parker and Kevin Bell (OddJobs247) for their sponsorship to cover the materials for the artwork installations. We are particularly grateful to Bel and Kevin Bell for building and painting the installations.


11.00 Commemorative planting of a hornbeam tree on the Recreation Ground (Parish Council)

14.00-16.30 The Homecoming:  View the Group Art project by RampArts plus WW1 memorabilia displays, listen to WWI music, enjoy tea/coffee/squash and cakes (small charge), in the Village Hall

16.30 Talk: The Rampton Roll of Honour by Alison Dickens (Village Hall). There are 11 names on the Rampton War Memorial for WWI, and at least another 22 men who were born or lived in the village who served and returned.  Their stories are at once personal, yet a mirror of what was happening in villages and communities all over the country and beyond. Using official records, newspapers and some family papers parts of their stories can be told.


14.00 Remembrance Service at the War Memorial

14.30 (following Remembrance Service) ‘Dear Mother and All’ – The war letters of Stanley Parker of Rampton. A talk by Alison Dickens in the Village Hall. Stanley Parker wrote home several times each week from the day he left the village until he was killed. More than 250 letters give a poignant inside view of life at home and at the Front.

There is also a further chance to view the Group Art project by RampArts and WW1 memorabilia displays, listen to WWI music, and to enjoy tea/coffee/squash and cakes (small charge).