The Battle of the Ancre and advance of the tanks (1917) Film tour

13 September 2018 | Liz Robertson

This autumn, Partnership organisations are screening The Battle of the Ancre and Advance of the Tanks (1917).

The Battle of the Ancre is a little known masterpiece of British non-fiction cinema which documents the autumn and winter stages of the Somme campaign on the Western Front.  Including the first ever scenes of tanks in battle, Battle of the Ancre also conveys, with power and artistry, the difficulties experienced by the British Army as it fought on over a sea of mud. 

Restored in 2010 by IWM and Prime Focus Technologies, the film is accompanied by a score composed by Laura Rossi, recorded in 2012 by a 15-piece ensemble, conducted by John Gibbons.

Use this programme and the Partnership website to find a screening near you.

IWM is also working with Laura Rossi to offer five performances with live orchestral accompaniment across England. Find out more about the live performances here.