The First World War Centenary Partnership: the future

25 February 2019 | Liz Robertson

The First World War Centenary Partnership united over 4,000 organisations and millions of people across the world to commemorate the Centenary. Thank you.

From 29th March, we will begin the process of archiving and our social media channels. We will not be updating these sites after this date.

IWM will continue to explore the lives of the millions who experienced the First World War with organisations across the world. Stay connected with IWM and sign up for our eNews, packed with information about upcoming exhibitions, events and stories inspired by our world-renowned collection.

You can still keep in touch with IWM and stay in the loop about our events and activities via the @I_W_M Twitter feed. Follow all of our sites on Facebook.

The War and Conflict Subject Specialist Network will build capacity, connections and confidence in the cultural heritage sector to improve the public understanding of war and conflict. It will provide a forum for sharing good practice, knowledge and skills; and deliver national programmes – initially focusing on impending major Second World War anniversaries.

In Spring 2019 we will launch a permanent archive for the First World War Centenary Partnership on More details will be announced at the end of March.

The IWM Partnerships team will continue to work with organisations across the world, to tell the stories which explore the causes, course and consequences of war. Get in touch with the team if you would like to be involved: