The First World War Centenary partnership in 2018

17 December 2018 | Chloe Bowerbank

Since 2014, the First World War Centenary Partnership has worked with people and organisations across the world to commemorate the centenary of the First World War. Over 4,000 not-for-profit organisations, representing over 60 countries, have joined the Partnership. Each marked the centenary in their own way. Millions have participated in these global commemorations.

The membership includes an enormous variety of organisations: national governments, embassies and cultural institutes; museums, libraries, archives and galleries; theatre and music; charities; universities, colleges and schools; community groups and local history societies. Projects have ranged from community exhibitions in village halls, to national and international projects. They have all had a direct impact on those who have seen and experienced them.

Discover a small fraction of projects from 2018 in the image gallery below.

Centenary events will continue into 2019, and you can find information about them here on We will share a more detailed recap of the Partnership programme in March 2019.

IWM will continue to support the cultural heritage sector build capacity to improve the public understanding of war and conflict through the War and Conflict Subject Specialist Network, funded by Arts Council England.

Thank you everyone who has supported the Centenary Partnership and taken part in commemorations across the world. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the team on