The Great War Debate: Haig education resources launched

20 April 2016 | Liz Robertson

The UK Government’s First World War Commemoration Board is launching the Great War Debate in Manchester on 28 June, with a lively discussion over Haig’s much-disputed generalship. A-level students from the surrounding area will get the opportunity to hear from leading academics, including Professor Gary Sheffield (University of Wolverhampton), Professor Robin Prior (University of Adelaide) and Professor Stephen Badsey (University of Wolverhampton), in a venue which boasts many connections to the First World War.

To ensure any students attending the debate gain a fuller understanding of the key interpretations surrounding Haig’s reputation and the context of this topic prior to the debate, teachers can download a PDF lesson plan.

There is a range of activities included which can be run as a whole lesson or broken down into shorter sessions and, once completed, students will be able to:

Consider evidence for different interpretations of Haig’s effectiveness as commander of Britain’s Expeditionary Force during the First World War

Formulate questions to ask at The Great War Debate

If you’re a teacher from the Manchester area, you can find more details on the event itself by clicking here. If you will not be attending The Great War Debate, please feel free to use these resources to conduct a lesson on Haig with your students by picking and choosing from the suggested activities.

If you would like any further information about these resources, please contact