The Picturemakers ‘Remembering The Great War’

18 June 2018 | Liz Robertson

The Picturemakers/ Y Llunwyr is a collective of artist painters founded in Aberystwyth in 2006. The group currently comprises 12 active members, based throughout Mid Wales. Members are from diverse backgrounds and environments, with varied styles embracing representational and abstract disciplines and meet regularly to discuss their work and provide mutual support.

Patrick Owen ‘Exhaustion’ c. Patrick Owen/The Picturemakers

In 2013, the Picturemakers were invited by The Curator of the Radnorshire Museum, Will Adams, to produce an exhibition to commemorate the centenary of the start of the Great War. The interpretation of the subject matter was left entirely to individual artists to determine. The resulting exhibition, ‘Remembering The Great War’, reflects individual responses of the exhibiting artists to this  challenging theme.

A number of the paintings, drawings and prints are closely based on actual war photography and were inspired by the war poetry that gave witness to this catastrophic world changing event.  The exhibition mirrors Wilfred Owen’s sentiments about war; ‘My subject is war and the pity of war.  The poetry is in the pity’.

Selected poems were displayed next to the art works and provide written testament to the folly of war.  The exhibition received critical approval at its first showing at The Radnorshire Museum in 2014 and, at its close, was transferred by request to The Wyeside Arts Centre, Builth Wells. It has since be shown at The Morlan Centre, Aberystwyth in 2016 and The Mid Wales Arts Centre, Caersws in 2017.

The Wilfred Owen Festival organisers have invited The Picturemakers to display this exhibition as part of a larger exhibition on the subject of ‘War and Peace’ to be held at The Willow Gallery, Oswestry from 15 September to 11 November 2018.  The exhibition will form part of ‘The Art Trail’ for The Wilfred Owen Festival commemorating the centenary of his death and Armistice day.

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Greteli Morton ‘Returning Home Safely’ c. Greteli Morton/The Picturemakers