West Cork History Festival

1 August 2018 | Bethany Reynard

The West Cork History Festival is for everyone who is interested in history.

With a broad range of speakers including historians, curators and writers, the Festival reflects the complex and engaging history of Ireland while also dealing with broader international themes.

One hundred years from the end of the First World War, the Festival will look at aspects of that conflict. Katie Childs, Head of Partnerships and Stakeholder Relations at Imperial War Museums, will speak at the Festival about the museum and the First World War centenary.

There will be two screenings focusing on the First World War, the influential Oh! What a Lovely War, released in 1969 and Irish Times’ journalist Ronan McGreevy’s United Ireland: How Nationalists and Unionists fought together in Flanders. There will also be talks on Irish airmen in the Great War and Irish war veterans in the revolutionary period.

The Festival will look at the momentous year of 1918 itself, with talks on Europe in 1918, events in Ireland in that year including the dramatic General Election, Irish Women’s suffrage and the influenza epidemic. Professor Alvin Jackson will open the Festival by focusing on two giants of Irish politics in that period, Edward Carson and John Redmond, who died in 1918.

As well as all this, we will range across many other centuries and subjects from Gothic art and politics in Ireland to Irish drinking habits in the 1500s, from 17th century shipwrecks to pioneering 19th century female astronomer Agnes Clerke.

The West Cork History Festival will take place from 16-19 August 2019 near Skibbereen in West Cork. Find out more information here.