#Womenswork100: The Scottish Women’s Hospital at Royaumont

5 November 2018 | Chloe Bowerbank

1918 saw some women in Britain able to vote for the first time and the end of the First World War. As part of the Imperial War Museum’s #WomensWork100 initiative to find out more about the role and lives of women in the First World War, the RCPE has digitised its collection of post‐war newsletters of the Scottish Women’s Hospital (SWH) at Royaumont.

The SWH hospital at Royaumont was the largest British voluntary hospital, second nearest to the front line and the only one operated by women near the Western Front and, as such, it provides a microcosm for our understanding of the contribution of women doctors during that period.

The collection donated by Lady Eileen Crofton who wrote a book about the hospital in 1997 the newsletters of the Royaumont Association was formed to maintain the comradeship amongst the female staff post‐war.

The newsletters which run from 1928 to 1973 tells the story of the hospital, its staff and it patients though a narrative of war‐work with pen‐portraits of some of the key figures associated with the Hospital; not least Elsie Inglis and Frances Ivens.

You can download these newsletters here