Canadian War Museum launches national Supply Line program for schools

14 October 2014 | Kate Clements

A scratchy uniform jacket, an intricately engraved shell casing and a First World War recruitment poster — students across Canada can now literally hold these pieces of history in their hands thanks to ‘Supply Line’.

The Canadian War Museum has launched this free, national educational program commemorating the First World War Centenary.

Teachers throughout Canada can arrange to borrow one of 25 Supply Line First World War Discovery Boxes for a two-week period at no cost. Each box contains authentic objects and reproductions of items such as barbed wire and steel helmets, as well as lesson plans and background documents for teachers.

The boxes are intended to promote active classroom learning and discussion, and give students a tangible way to imagine what life was like for Canadians who experienced the First World War.

Find out more about the Supply Line program.