The Army Children of the First World War project

14 January 2014 | Kate Clements

The Army Children Archive (TACA) collects, preserves and shares online information about the history of British Army children and the challenges and peculiarities of growing up as the child of a regular soldier in the British Army, from the seventeenth century to today.

For the First World War Centenary, TACA has launched two online galleries of images, accessed via Flickr.

The Army Children of the First World War: Faces and Families’ set features portraits of army children and their families photographed between 1914 and 1918. Ten images have initially been posted, after which further images will be added weekly. Any known information about the faces and families pictured, or any clues offered by the photographs themselves, accompany the images. Viewers are invited to fill any information gaps and, if possible, to identify these forgotten faces.

The Army Children of the First World War: a Sentimental View’ set includes a selection of First World War-era sentimental postcards and ephemera featuring army children, and children generally. The initial ten images will also be added to weekly.

Find out more about the TACA project via its blog.