The Big Push – A New Short Animated Film to Mark the Centenary of the Battle of the Somme

1 July 2016 | Hannah Clark

To mark the centenary of the Somme offensive, The Poetry Society together with the Fleming Collection have launched a new short film, ‘The Big Push‘, based on the poem of the same name by Scottish poet John Glenday.

The Big Push, written and read by poet John Glenday, based on the painting ‘The Eve of the Battle of the Somme’ (1916) by James Herbert Gunn.

The poem is based on James Herbert Gunn’s evocative 1916 painting, The Eve of the Battle of the Somme and is a monologue from a soldier swimming in a mill dam, before the big offensive.

The short film was produced by Mosaic Films and animated using a painstaking paint-on-glass technique by artist Xin Li. Each frame was hand-painted, using no computer effects to create an animation that mirrors the powerful effect of Gunn’s painting.

Watch the film or find out more about the Poetry Society’s First World War Centenary programme.