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2018 marks the centenary of the Representation of the People Act, which gave the vote to certain women over 30.

With support funding from Historic England, St Mary’s Heritage Centre on Gateshead Quays have researched 10 amazing women in politics who over the past 100 years of regional significance who have ‘made a difference’.

Download the poster here.

Download a PDF booklet that includes ideas for learning activities and where to research further details here.

Gateshead Central Library at night

Gateshead Central Library

Gateshead Central Library is a fine Carnegie building dating to 1926 and houses a range of historic collections. Working with St Mary’s Heritage Centre, a grade 1 listed medieval church on Gateshead Quays, the library service delivers a range of heritage activities across Gateshead. 



North East Suffragettes: A talk by Rosie Serdiville

Gateshead Central Library, Thursday 24 May, 6.30pm

Rosie Serdiville, a writer and historian with a particular interest in social and domestic history, presents this talk all about how the suffragette movement on Tyneside helped change the political landscape.

In the early 1900s over 100 different groups of women and men worked (and argued) together to earn the vote. Rosie will discuss how the North East’s suffragettes were viewed by the rest of society. Available to book from early 2018. Further details 0191 433 8420


WomensWork100 Display

St Mary’s Heritage Centre, Gateshead

Tuesday 6 March – Friday 1 June

Viewing 10am-4pm Tuesday to Friday and 10am-1pm Saturday

This display includes images from Gateshead Local Studies Collection and the Imperial War Museum’s WomensWork100 collection celebrating the working lives of women during the First World War and beyond. Free, just turn up. Further details or 0191 433 4699


Suffragette newspaper collections

Below is a full list of suffrage newspapers on microfilm held at Gateshead Central Library Local Studies:

Britannia 1915-1918 The Pankhursts (WSPU)

Common Cause 1909-1920 Millicent Fawcett (NUWSS)

Labour Woman 1918-1939

League Leaflets 1911-1919

Suffragette 1912-1915

The Vote 1909-1920 The Women’’s Freedom League

Votes For Women 1907-1918 WSPU

Woman and Work 1874-1876

Woman Worker 1907-1921

Woman’s Dreadnought 1914-1917

Women Folk 1909

Women Workers Quarterly 1891-1915

Women’s Suffrage (Record) 1903-1907

With special thanks

With thanks to Gateshead Libraries for sharing information about their events, collection and images from Suffragette.